Why is Krypton Gas a Good Insulator for Windows?

Window on a stair landing overlooking a lakeThere’s a lot that goes into the design of a quality window. Most homeowners can identify the most obvious components like the frame and glass, but a majority of modern window replacements are double- or triple-paned and feature invisible benefits like a Low-E glass coating to reflect heat and a gas filling between layers of glass to add insulation. The more features a window has, the more questions come up. How is one window different from another? What makes windows from one manufacturer better than another? What does a layer of gas even do for a window? In this article, we’ll discuss what a gas insulator brings to the table and why krypton is such a good insulator for windows.

What Does a Gas Insulator Do for Windows?

Double- and triple-paned windows are known for the energy efficiency they can bring to your home. The basic philosophy behind insulating a home is the more layers between the indoor and outdoor air, the better. In addition to layers of glass, modern replacement windows can sometimes feature a colorless, odorless, non-toxic gas like krypton between panes. This gas is denser than air, so the smaller molecules are squeezed together to insulate the empty space between panes and prevent energy from passing through. This will aid in keeping heating costs low and maintaining a comfortable temperature, whether by keeping the heat in during the winter or by keeping heat out during the summer.

Unfortunately, even with skilled installation by a highly qualified home remodeling contractor, this gas filling is not permanent. Over time, the gas will slowly escape and be replaced with air. That’s not to say there’s any cause for concern though—the escaped gas will cause no harm, and homeowners can still enjoy many years of lower energy bills thanks to the added insulation of gas fillers.

Why Krypton Over Other Gases?

Krypton is a common gas insulator for replacement windows, but it’s not the only choice. Xenon and argon are other gases commonly used in window manufacturing. While each has its set of benefits and drawbacks, krypton has a few unique features that contribute to its reputation as a great insulator:

  • Krypton is 6 times denser than argon gas, and 12 times denser than air.
  • Krypton gas particles are small, allowing them to slip into nooks and crannies and better prevent energy from escaping.
  • Although xenon is the densest gas, krypton is more widely available and affordable compared to xenon gas. Argon is the cheapest and most readily available gas insulator, but it simply cannot provide the same level of insulation as krypton.

Depending on the window supplier you choose, you will likely have your choice between double-paned and triple-paned windows that may or may not include gas insulation. While there are a lot of factors that go into the final decision, if you are looking for high performance and superior energy efficiency in your new windows, a triple-paned window with krypton gas insulation will be the best choice.

Is It Time for Your Window Replacement?

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