Understanding Types of Windows

Types of Windows Cincinnati & Columbus OH

There are many different types of windows to choose from for your home in Cincinnati, Columbus or a surrounding area in Ohio, and making the right selection can be a frustrating process. To ensure you receive a great value for your investment, there are a number of factors you must consider. For example, which frame material will provide the best performance and which style will look best on your home? Energy efficiency is another major consideration, as choosing the right window may actually help make your home more comfortable and potentially lower your monthly energy bills.

Understanding the Different Types of Windows

Although many different types of window frame materials are available, only a few have become popular among homeowners. Your first step in choosing the right windows for your home will be to understand the pros and cons of each material:

  • Wood windows – Many homeowners love wood windows because they provide a warm, natural look. However, they also come with many drawbacks. They can be difficult to maintain, susceptible to rot, and typically do not provide very good thermal performance.
  • Aluminum windows – Aluminum frames can be durable and cost effective. However, they are susceptible to corrosion and pitting over time. Plus, they conduct heat easily, so they are not ideal for enhancing energy efficiency.
  • Fiberglass windows –Homeowners are attracted to fiberglass windows because they are extremely durable. However, you should also consider that they cost an average of 25% more than vinyl windows and come in limited color options.
  • Vinyl windows – Vinyl is the most popular window frame material, and for good reason. It is naturally insulating, exceptionally durable, and requires virtually no maintenance. However, it is important to note that the quality of vinyl frames varies widely. Vinyl windows can be a cost-effective investment, but the cheapest option is unlikely to provide the level of performance you’d like.

Premium Vinyl Windows From American WeatherTECHS

At American WeatherTECHS, we take the mystery out of purchasing replacement windows. For homeowners in Cincinnati, Columbus, and nearby areas, we offer premium Preservation windows from the trusted manufacturer Associated Materials, which offer an incredible value. Their top-of-the-line vinyl frames are far superior to other types of windows, as they will never rot, warp, crack, or deteriorate. And, they come with advanced features to promote energy efficiency, such as double- and triple-panes of glass with optional gas fills.

What’s more, all of our windows come equipped with exceptional features, including:

  • Truecapture™ sloped windowsills to protect against the elements
  • Evenforce™ balance systems, making it easy to open and close the window securely
  • Integraweld fusion-welded frames to achieve unmatched structural stability

You’ll also have virtually endless customization options, such as frame colors, styles, hardware options, and more, so you can create the perfect windows for your home. And, styles will range from double-hung and casement to bow and specialty shapes, allowing you to pick a window that suits your home’s architectural design. Best of all, our windows are backed by a double-lifetime transferrable warranty, providing the ultimate protection for your investment.

Learn more about what makes American WeatherTECHS’ vinyl windows superior to other types of windows offered in the Cincinnati and Columbus, OH, areas. Contact us today.

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