How to Check a Roof for Damage After a Storm

A blue house exterior with a beautiful front lawnIf a storm has recently passed, leaving fallen tree branches and other damage in its wake, you may want to assess your property to see if there was any damage to your home as well. One place in particular where you’ll want to check for damage after a storm is the roof. However, many homeowners aren’t sure how to do this or what to look for. Here are some steps for how you can check a roof for damage after a storm.

Check Out Your Home from a Distance

The most severe and obvious damage to your roof will be obvious at first glance. If you step back from your house, perhaps across the street, you’ll be able to get a better view of your roof. If shingles are visibly missing or you see dents or other signs the roof is caving in, you’ll know immediately that your roof is damaged. Of course, not all roofing damage can be seen at such a distance, so you’ll want to take a closer look as well.

Check the Ground Around Your Home

Another way to check for roof damage after a storm is to take a walk around the outside of the house. As you walk around, pay attention to the ground around you. You’re looking for any pieces of debris that may have come from your roof. A couple of roofing shingles, a piece of tile roof, or any other elements that you can identify as part of your roofing system on the ground indicate your roof has been damaged.

Check for Leaks and Air Gaps Inside Your Home

Another less obvious way to check your home for roof damage following a storm is to do an interior inspection. If you have a crawlspace or attic, take a look inside at the underside of your roof. You should look for any signs of water damage, such as an active leak, moisture-damaged insulation, or water stains. If you take a look while it’s sunny out, you can also look for any potential air gaps in your roof. If you see sunlight coming through in any area, this is another sign your roof is damaged and not providing adequate protection for your home. If sunlight can come through your roof, so can rainwater, pests, and more.

Get a Roof Inspection from the Experts

Climbing on a ladder to take a closer look at your roof can be dangerous, and we don’t recommend this for the average homeowner. Instead, your best bet is to call a local roofing company to come out and do a professional roof inspection. Whether you’ve noted clear signs of roof damage from your own inspection or you still have concerns and would like a professional opinion, a roofing company can provide you with the information you need to know whether or not your roof was damaged and any next steps you may need to take.

If you’re concerned about roofing damage on your home, American WeatherTECHS can help. Contact us today to request a roofing inspection and find out for sure if any roof repair or roof replacement services are needed to keep you and your home protected.

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