How Energy Efficient is Vinyl Siding?

Energy Efficient Vinyl Siding Columbus OH

Vinyl siding is a highly regarded building material thanks to its relatively low cost, exceptional durability, and low maintenance requirements. However, for homes in Columbus, Ohio, where temperatures range from frigid to scorching, a siding system must also be energy efficient in order to be considered a worthwhile investment. Most homes have insulated walls; however, the studs are poor insulators. A siding system that doesn’t provide excellent thermal performance ends up costing homeowners on their monthly energy bills. So, how energy efficient is vinyl siding? It depends.

Factors That Impact the Energy Efficiency of a Vinyl Siding System

Not all vinyl is equal in quality. For example, construction-grade vinyl siding may be thin, which will reduce its energy efficiency. What’s more, poor-quality siding may crack over time, which can negatively affect its performance. However, vinyl itself can be an excellent insulator, especially when compared to materials such as wood or metal. As long as you invest in a high-quality product, you’ll experience gains in home energy efficiency.

While vinyl can provide excellent insulation, the best vinyl siding systems have something beneath the surface that will help take your home’s energy efficiency to the next level. This is an insulated foam backing. Having this type of vinyl siding system installed is like wrapping your home in a thermally efficient blanket, and will maximize your energy-saving benefits.

American WeatherTECHS’ Insulated Vinyl Siding

How energy efficient is vinyl siding? You can rest assured that American WeatherTECHS’ product provides best-in-class thermal performance that will last a lifetime. We install the Preservation Integra vinyl siding system, which has 1 ½ -inch thick breathable ClimaShield insulation that is designed to not only be incredibly energy efficient, but also wick away moisture that could result in mold. To learn more about the incredibly insulated vinyl siding we install on homes in Columbus, OH, contact us today.

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