Don’t Fall for the Roof Raff

Google, Bing or Yahoo search “roofing Cincinnati”…now, how many of these first page results actually know how to install a roof?…how many of these “roofers” are 1, 2 and 3 year old companies that (quite literally) blew in the years following the great Ohio Hurricane of ’08.

Where I’m never one to judge what someone does to put food on the table, I can call them out for pretending to be something they are not.

When I hear someone say “I’m a roofer” I cringe. If they were to be handed a roofing hatchet, nail stripper and a sponge, would they be able to install shingles…not to mention wall flashings, pipe flashings and cut in a valley? I wonder if anyone within the management of their organization knows the first thing about installing a roof.

A while back the trend for roofing companies was to become a roofing “contractor”…without legislation or licensing, anyone could become a roofing contractor. A guy can simply sell a roof job, contract a roofer he saw working down the road and pay him to install the roof. The biggest problem with that is the quality of the workmanship!

The guy who sold the job doesn’t know anything about roofing systems. How does he know that the guy he hired knows anything? The list of so called roofing companies (currently in existence) where the management relies solely on the perceived knowledge of their sub-contractor would boggle your mind!

I’ll be the first to admit that roofing isn’t quantum physics, but the simple fact is that roofing is hard work. Gone unchecked, an unscrupulous sub-contractor can and will cut corners. Thus weakening the integrity of a roof system, leaving you vulnerable to a substandard roof when it counts the most…after the workmanship warranty expires…and with some of these “here-today-gone –tomorrow” roofing companies that warranty may have expired the day they cashed your check!

American WeatherTechs has some of the most knowledgeable staff in their respective trades. Managing partner in roofing? 22 years of experience. Managing partners in windows & siding? Over 60 years combined experience. We pride ourselves on our longevity and integrity…and we truly are “local.