Fall Home Improvements

It’s fall time finally! Time to do fall cleaning and start surveying the damage that the brutal summer may have caused your beautiful home. Now is the perfect time to begin on home improvements and here are a few things you can do to ensure that your home is in tip top shape.

  1.      Inspect and fix your roof.

Now that the summer has passed, it’s time to check your roof for damages from fallen branches to hail dents and dings, falltime is a great time to make sure things are in order no matter what summer threw at you. If you have already noticed a leak, this should take high priority as a leaking roof can cause a lot of damage to your home such a wood rot, softening of drywall and even mold.

  1.       Update and repair windows:

Check your windows. Chances are that you already noticed leaking windows that let cold air escape your home this summer. Replace windows with up to date, energy efficient vinyl windows. Making this simple improvement, when the cold winter months arrive you’ll save on heating cost. 

  1.       Update your Rain Gutters:

Without rain gutters, our homes are defenseless against the raging rain storms. The water from rain could erode the soil around the foundation, splash dirt onto the siding of the house and leak into the basement causing internal damage to the house. Modern covered gutters cut maintenance to a minimum – no more climbing the roof to clean out the clogs.

  1.       Update the Siding: 

This winter, you’ll be inside keeping warm, while outside your house’s exterior will be enduring the winter’s harsh temperatures and intense weather conditions. Have your siding inspected by one of our qualified technicians and consider replacement with today’s great looking, high performance, energy efficient vinyl siding.


American Weathertechs is a highly reputable company that can help you with all of your home improvement needs. When you decide to make the call to begin on your home improvements, be sure to call us! 513-759-9904

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New to American WeatherTechs, Four Season Sunrooms!

When it comes to sunrooms, Four Seasons Sunrooms is the leader in superior quality. American WeatherTechs, LLC is now the exclusive provider of Four Seasons Sunrooms in Cincinnati, OH.

Large selection of products
Four Seasons offers the largest selection of Sunrooms in the industry. Choose from numerous beautiful designs in hundreds of standard sizes. Most designs are available in aluminum, vinyl-clad aluminum, and wood interiors.

Investment in your home
We know your home is an investment that provides you with safety, security, and enjoyment every day, and likely growing in value every year. A Four Seasons home addition adds year-round living space, and value to your home year after year!

Lifetime limited warranty
Four Seasons Sunrooms CONSERVAGLASS SELECT™ is not only amazing in its performance, but it is warranted to continue to perform well and not fail for a lifetime. CONSERVAGLASS SELECT™ is covered against any manufacturer’s defect that obstructs your view through the glass for the lifetime of your Four Seasons Sunroom. This warranty covers not only the original purchaser, but anyone who owns your Four Seasons Sunroom in the future. This warranty provides for 100% glass material replacement for 20 YEARS from the time of completed installation and continues to protect you for the lifetime of your sunroom or conservatory.

American WeatherTechs LLC, will work with you to evaluate your needs and desires and assist you with all the options to select the perfect sunroom for your home. Call 513-759-9904 to speak with a professional today!

Spring Protection Tips

Finally, after a long drawn out, miserable winter, Spring is here! The harsh winter has more than likely caused damage to your beautiful home. Now that the warmth has arrived and you’ve begun to start working in your garden, cleaning up debris from the heavy snow or even just assessing the damages to your home.

Here are a few pointers on how to be sure your home is protected.

  • Check for loose and leaky gutters. Improper drainage can cause leaks into your crawlspace or basement. Make sure downspouts are also turned away from your home
  • Probe wood around windows and doors. Do your best to make repairs now before the spring rain arrives.
  • From the ground, check for missing or damaged shingles. If your home has an older covering, you may want to start budgeting for a replacement. Summer sun will damage any shingles that are cracked, buckled, loose or missing granules.
  • Flashing around plumbing vents, skylights or chimneys need to be checked and repaired by a qualified roofer.
  • Check your home’s siding. Repairs to wood and vinyl siding require expertise to remove damaged siding while leaving non damaged siding in tact. Unless you, yourself have knowledge of siding, this is best left to the professionals.
  • Take a good look at your windows. Very harsh cold can cause shrinkage between your frame and siding. To prevent drafts and high heating cooling bills, it’s best to asses the situation. If your windows are old and you are experiencing problems throughout your home, new windows may be the best thing for you. Good quality windows come with a lifetime warranty so that when making the decision on what route to take, remember that this is  not your average purchase, it is an investment in your home.  

Lastly, when you are looking for a company that provides new vinyl windows, siding or a high quality roof, looking within your community. Ask people you know. Research your local companies. American Weathertechs LLC, not only has top of the line products but also provides outstanding service. Recently chosen for the Consumer’s Choice award for Customer Service and Angie’s List  Super Service award. American Weathertechs LLC, services Cincinnati, Columbus and the Northern Kentucky Area.

Don’t Fall for the Roof Raff

Google, Bing or Yahoo search “roofing Cincinnati”…now, how many of these first page results actually know how to install a roof?…how many of these “roofers” are 1, 2 and 3 year old companies that (quite literally) blew in the years following the great Ohio Hurricane of ’08.

Where I’m never one to judge what someone does to put food on the table, I can call them out for pretending to be something they are not.

When I hear someone say “I’m a roofer” I cringe. If they were to be handed a roofing hatchet, nail stripper and a sponge, would they be able to install shingles…not to mention wall flashings, pipe flashings and cut in a valley? I wonder if anyone within the management of their organization knows the first thing about installing a roof.

A while back the trend for roofing companies was to become a roofing “contractor”…without legislation or licensing, anyone could become a roofing contractor. A guy can simply sell a roof job, contract a roofer he saw working down the road and pay him to install the roof. The biggest problem with that is the quality of the workmanship!

The guy who sold the job doesn’t know anything about roofing systems. How does he know that the guy he hired knows anything? The list of so called roofing companies (currently in existence) where the management relies solely on the perceived knowledge of their sub-contractor would boggle your mind!

I’ll be the first to admit that roofing isn’t quantum physics, but the simple fact is that roofing is hard work. Gone unchecked, an unscrupulous sub-contractor can and will cut corners. Thus weakening the integrity of a roof system, leaving you vulnerable to a substandard roof when it counts the most…after the workmanship warranty expires…and with some of these “here-today-gone –tomorrow” roofing companies that warranty may have expired the day they cashed your check!

American WeatherTechs has some of the most knowledgeable staff in their respective trades. Managing partner in roofing? 22 years of experience. Managing partners in windows & siding? Over 60 years combined experience. We pride ourselves on our longevity and integrity…and we truly are “local.

We’re Not Just a Roofing, Siding & Window Company

It’s been nearly a year from when we started talking about revamping the website…We’ve become more than just a window & siding contractor here in Cincinnati…in the whole Tri-State area for that matter. The roofing division has come on strong and with windows & siding doing what they always do, 2013 was a record breaking year!

Our goal was never to get big, but to get better. We hold our Angie’s List and BBB accolades in high regard. Our Angie’s List Superior Service Award for 2013 was special but becoming a contributing member of the BBB’s Leadership Circle of Ethics was phenomenal.

Ultimately, we want to be able to make a living providing what we know for those that need it. Between Jeff, Corey, George and I, we hold over a hundred years of home improvement experience…and we wouldn’t be anywhere without our incredible staff.  We have the best roofing, siding and window products & service available to Cincinnati, Columbus, Northern Kentucky and Indiana…and like our slogan says, “No One Does Quality for Less“!

Before I begin a string of blog entries for the new site (yeah, right!), I wanted to say “Thank You” to anyone who reads this…you’re obviously either looking for a roof, windows or siding, you’re one of our old customers looking for another home improvement idea, or you’re a member of our work Family checking out the new site! Either way, Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to bring you some interesting news…roofing, siding, windows or otherwise…the “otherwise” stories get really good : )